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Start low and gradually build up your dosage. It’s usually recommended to start with just 3 individual drops spaced evenly twice per day, monitoring how you feel on a weekly basis and increasing/decreasing as necessary, up to a total of 6 drops twice per day. If you still feel like you need to increase your dosage, get the next strength product up which contains more CBD. For example, 6 drops of the 250mg oil is 6.25mg of CBD, whereas 6 drops of the 500mg oil is 12.50mg of CBD.

Dosing with CBD is a personal experience, it’s up to you to listen to your body and find your ‘sweet spot’. Some users report that it can take a few weeks before they begin feeling the benefits they were hoping for, so it’s important to be disciplined and continue use.

No! Absolutely not. There are various methods for extracting the CBD from the hemp material - there are even varying qualities of hemp. Some methods are easier and cheaper than others, or even use alcohols or other chemicals in the extraction. But, these extraction methods tend to extract the unwanted substances into the final product, or even damage the chemical properties of the cannabinoids in the oil reducing its effect.

Due to the CBD market being relatively new, there is a vast range of different types of quality of oils entering the market each week. Here at Hempura we would recommend applying due diligence to any purchase you make. Purchasing a poor quality CBD oil could leave you disappointed as you do not feel the benefits that a quality CBD product would give you. You will be able to tell the quality difference in oil viscosity, colour, smell and taste.

We use a premium quality of cannabis material which has a only a very tiny trace percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Instead, the major constituent in our cannabis is Cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike THC, Cannabidiol is the compound that does not possess any psychoactive properties. Therefore, consuming it will not get you high or cause any altered mental status changes such as euphoria or hallucination.

Yes, as a business, our cannabis oil supplements are registered with the Food Standard Agency of the United Kingdom. As members of the CTA, the CTA works with the MHRA government entity on our behalf to ensure the industry as a whole is legal and safe for consumption.

Products extracted from industrial hemp are legal as long as lab reports show that the THC content, another cannabinoid, is less than 0.2% in the EU, amongst other requirements such as labelling and advertising etc. As the products are sold as food supplements, no medicinal claims can be made. Because of it’s extremely low THC content, there are no psychoactive effects and the other cannabinoids are absorbed and used by the bodies endocannabinoid system.

Each person’s body may react differently when combining food supplements with medications, even if they have good safety profile on their own. However, we recommend you to consult your primary physician about your enquiries if you have pre-existing medical conditions or would like to seek assurance.

There is no problem in mixing Hempura cannabis oil with other substances. But, the reason we recommend it to be placed under the tongue and on it's own is to enhance the total percentage of cannabidiol absorbed by the body. Taking it with other substances not only dilutes the content of the cannabis oil, but can also lowers its absorption and affects the overall efficacy of our products.

The best way to maintain the shelf-life of our cannabis oil is to store it in a dark and cool place. You should also avoid exposing it under the hot sun to prevent alteration of its chemical properties.

Each bottle is marked with an expiry and batch number. To ensure the longevity of the oil, we suggest you follow the storage recommendations to prevent any degradation due to external sources.

We offer the following methods for the shipping of our cannabis oils:

Free Shipping : 2-3 working days if ordered before 4pm Monday to Friday - £0.00

Guaranteed Next Working Day by 1pm if ordered before 4pm Monday to Friday - £6.98

International Shipping : 5 to 11 working days - £10.98